Download MonsterEncoder

Monster Encoder is a professional tool that converts video files into Flash Compatible Video format.

You can easily upload and encode various file types into multiple end formats from anyplace with a connection to the internet.

Monster Encoder currently can encode media to the following types of media formats:

  • Flash for websites
  • Flash High Quality (not available in demo mode)
  • Apple iPod / iPhone (not available in demo mode)
  • MPEG4 (not available in demo mode)
  • Microsoft Xbox (not available in demo mode)
  • DivX (not available in demo mode)
  • XviD (not available in demo mode)
  • DVD (currently creating .vob files that can be burned on a DVD) (not available in demo mode)
  • Audio - MP3 (not available in demo mode)

Monster Encoder utilizes a user-friendly interface that will guide you through the encoding process.

You can download Monster Encoder from the following link: DOWNLOAD

To demo Monster Encoder, please follow the below steps:

  • 1. Install the Monster Encoder application
  • 2. Sign in with the following details:
           User: demo
           Password: demo
  • 3. Upload a new movie file, type a short description and click the "Add to movie list" button
  • 4. Select the desired quality and output type (in demo mode only the FLV format is enabled)
  • 5. Choose where you want to store your movie after encoding by filling in your email address
    (in demo mode the encoded movie will be saved on
  • 6. Press start when you are ready to upload your file
  • 7. When the upload process finishes you will see your movie in the encoding list

You can read more about Monster Encoder by consulting the manual here or view our interactive tutorial

For any other questions and feedback you can contact our professional team at: or access our Live Support Page


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